Interview with Plus Software Solutions

Every business has had at least one struggle with accounting. It isn’t an easy task, yet it’s one of the most crucial processes of any venture. The paperwork and endless data entry make it a tedious task. Technology is expending, yet somehow, few have been able to integrate digital solutions to this aspect.

Plus Software Solutions was then spearheaded to fill this gap. One of their many offers is Snapshot BI, a user-friendly community dashboard made for small and medium enterprises. Through well-built business solutions, Plus looks to simplify a business’ payroll and accounting, so leaders can focus on the more important tasks.

We sat down with Peter Whalley, Managing Director of Plus Software Solutions, to ask more about the exciting project.

Hello! What’s your background and what are you currently working on?

I’ve been in the Software industry since 1991, starting out as the first sales person for a Software retail store that eventually listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. My career has evolved through sales and management roles, eventually leading to a move to Australia to head up an Accounting Software vendor in 2002.

My current role is heading up a Start Up, and whilst I am based in Sydney, our software is now sold in 6 countries and growing. Our immediate focus is our new Cloud Portal www.Plus.Live with a small range (but growing) of Cloud Tools for medium sized businesses, integrated into their Accounting software.

What motivated you to get started?

We already have a number of software solutions helping Customers in the medium size business space – all desktop developed.

It’s no secret that as new small businesses enter the market, they start their Financial journey using “entry level” Cloud Accounting software. Our current solutions are desktop based so we needed to build a future platform to be able to engage with those new small businesses who are successful and grow into our target market.

What went into building the initial product?

Awareness of our future gaps in our portfolio of existing software solutions

Internal upskilling

Some external platform outsourcing

Website, website, website!

How have you attracted users?

We work through I.T. Accounting Partners (Value Added Resellers) and have been able to get easy access to early adopters. The growth has been steady.

What’s your business model?

We work with Partners – either Value Added Resellers who do it all, or Affiliate Partners who refer their customers to us. We stay in touch with each and every customer too, so there is a direct link with Plus Software.

What are your goals for the future?

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome? If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

Never enough development money, never enough marketing funds and never enough time!

If we had more funds, I’d have liked to invest more in onboarding new customers, especially in terms of training tools.

Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

The modern world of being able to easily delegate using Trello, find teams using Upwork and Freelancer, and the ease of communication with Slack and WhatsApp.

What’s your advice for other start-ups?

To learn more about Plus and Snapshot BI, visit:

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